The Token-Powered Marketing Toolset You've Been Looking For

Promotions, rewards programs, content-gating, and so much more

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Sophisticated Web3 Marketing Tools are Finally Here

Create and share dynamic NFT collections that unlock rewards, premium content, and interactive community pages—without writing a single line of code.

Engage your audience, collect direct contact information, and activate customers in a fresh, interactive way.

The most advanced builder tools on the market, with a consumer experience that’s simple enough for mom.

Product Details

NFTs With a Purpose

Product Details


RFYN is  a one-of-one marketing and engagement tool that’s unlike anything else out there.”
Mitch Thrower
RFYN represents a new wave of maturiy for Web3 marketing solutions. This is a big step forward for post-mint utility.”
Brent Granado
Sweetwater private equity
RFYN allows brands to run promotions and share offers in a more direct, intuitive way.”
Eric Suhonen
lightspeed commerce
RFYN is changing the game for anyone who wants to get creative with NFT collections and token-gated unlocks.”
Steve King
the future is now

Just as businesses before built websites, a mobile strategy, and a social media presence, companies now need to get onboard with Web3. Every business will be affected by it—just like mobile, just like social media.

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NFTs are a revolutionary technology that create direct connection points between brand and consumer, creator and follower. Our mission is to make that connection point as valuable as possible to both sides by building the most intuitive, robust post-mint utility toolset in the world.

Our product is currently in Closed Beta, but that will change soon. Join the Wait List to reserve your place in line.

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